Stepping out of the safety zone….

6 weeks ago I left my career of 27 years!!

Mad you may say from several aspects and certainly the security of a regular pay cheque has already been noticed, but…….I was ready for a change of direction and new challenges.

Life is too short for sticking with something that no longer excites you or causes you discontent.

The world of work has changed and the single career strand is no more, for the young, and increasingly so for the more mature.

So why not try some new activities, share your expertise in different aspects of life, meet new people and enhance your plethora of skills.

Onwards & upwards!

I believe this may not be for the faint hearted but….. I have actually found it totally liberating to date. No more meaningless targets and hoops to jump through, I am going to set my own targets!

My first challenge was to raise money for the NSPCC by tandem skydiving from 10,000 feet. I have done it!!


I plan to fly on from this moment in my life…..hence the name Healthfly!!!!

Hypnotherapy brings great benefits to peoples functioning and wellbeing. By accessing your subconscious, bringing new awareness to issues which in turn adjusts your attitudes  bringing change. This creates new behaviours and an improved sense of empowerment.

So if you wish to make improvements in your life and learn skills and techniques which bring improved wellbeing, then contact me. We can work on this together!


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