Exercise for wellbeing


Just returned from an exercise class on a wet winters am. Not what I wanted to do on this dark morning but what my mind and body needed me to to!

Feeling brighter than before I went out….

Exercise is great for:-

  • getting the heart beating faster and stronger, maintaining and building essential muscles
  • increasing the circulation:-

by feeding the extremities, sending oxgen and nutrients to the cells of the limbs, fingers and toes

to the internal organs and maintianing the metabolism and cell processes

giving a boost to brain functionning, enhancing concentration and thinking skills

  • stretching the muscles

maintaining function and range of movement in limbs and core muscles

building strength and functionality

  • improving balance
  • an increased a sense of wellbeing by giving your body the activity it needs to practice skills and maintain necessary processes
  • mood enhancement by doing activity of all types, but especially exercise,  is increasingly being recognised as a big benefit.

If you don’t use parts of your body they will not function well!

We need the blood to be flowing, the muscles to be worked out and the brain stimulated for us to sustain a feeling of vitality. This promotes a good sense of well-being.

How can we expect our bodies to do what they were built for if we do not use them properly?

To get into better habits, to enable a sense of well-being to be the normal feeling, we need to develop more active ways of living.

How do I incorporate this into my busy working life?

You make ‘yourself’ a priority and look at how your habits are impacting on your well-being.

It could be incorporating more exercise, or it may be aspects of our diet which need looking at, or parts of our lives we forget to manage like stress levels or sleep. We can all get carried away in the business of everyday life.

Over time all these areas can have an impact on how you feel and function.

Make changes today!

To make changes, work with a Hypnotherapist, who can explore with you to identify what you most need to work on. An action plan supported by hypnotherapy, to access your inner resources, will make changes effective.

By making the time and space to prioritise yourself you are giving yourself and your family the biggest gift.

You are worth it!


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