Keeping positive

Working for yourself, especially alone, has many challenges as well as freedoms. Keeping positive and a “can do” attitude is tough at times.

In the field of Hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP –

you are selling your abilities to enable others to make change!

This takes a lot of energy.

As someone going through great change myself I could do with my own Hypnotherapist and coach on a daily basis!!

A big part of my learning this week has been understanding why you are finding the marketing so time consuming and at times difficult to do. You are selling yourself!!


so here I am…

I know I have many skills but it is recognising these, engaging my enthusiasm and marketing them. This is an ongoing and potentially demanding process. You have to examine your qualities, have faith in your abilities and convert these into useful tools for you, the client, to put to good use.

The therapist is the driving force and the asset!

Happy weekend! Monday is another week!!


3 thoughts on “Keeping positive

  1. itsacrazycatladything

    When you’re going through any life change I believe its far easier to navigate the new road ahead with a coach/mentor to support you. I’ve never considered a Hypnotherapist, would you share with me the benefits of this therapy for someone going through menopause and struggling with self-confidence.


    1. Hi I totally agree with you about having a coach/mentor when you’re navigating a new life journey. However, often we may have thoughts and feelings where the roots are hidden in the subconscious. If you are attempting to change your behaviour and making little progress a hypnotherapist can help you gain insight and release blocks. Accessing resources you already have within you, but may have lost sight of, is of huge value too.

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