Working from home with no structure, few social interactions, and erratic focus can take heaps of motivation to make stuff happen.

Where does your motivation come from?

If like me you have been motivated to learn new things and expand your mind to new ways of working, but have always had a job which has driven you towards targets, then most of your motivation has been external.

To work successfully and productively by yourself takes internal discipline, planning and steady focus, to get your plans into action.

No work = no earnings

I found this straight forward in the early months but struggled with dips in motivation as time progressed. It takes your ongoing mental focus and commitment! OMG!!! Tricky at times.

How to get the project off the ground!!

Consider your existing network – who can you link in with to discuss ideas, insights, and make opportunities?

Broaden your links with the local community – business network, volunteer locally and make new connections. Can you offer services to others?

 Seek support – from professionals supporting businesses, discuss issues with ex colleagues, family and friends, people already in your new field. Be open to different ideas and ways of developing.

Identify some mentors – people you admire, who have some of the qualities you may need to develop. One person may display several attributes which may motivate you to expand different skills.

Be approachable  – discuss your business and what you can offer at every social contact. People are always interested in new services and how it could support their family and friends.

Be brave – use business cards, flyers, social media and discussion with all your contacts at each opportunity, to raise your profile.

All of this takes time and patience.

In the meantime booster your motivation by booking in regular meetings over a cuppa or snack with a variety of contacts. Meet at a cafe, someones home or do an activity eg. go for a walk. Exercise is a great booster of wellbeing too.


Plan to get out for a short period each day to give some structure to the week.

Word of mouth and recommendations will soon start business flourishing  if you’re offering a great service.


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