Challenges of life

Into the swing of 2019 🙂

Started the year with some goals to aim for, with a plan to stay calm so

you could work steadily towards what you wished to achieve…?

Past week 3

and already having feelings which overwhelm??


Those challenges you could forget for some time, with festive food and cheer to distract you, are now a firm reality. The carefree December days of frivolity have dropped into the cold, short, debt ridden days of January and seem to stretch far into the coming months.

Hence talk today of #BlueMonday – I wont spell it out as some may feel it’s too negative to focus on!

Don’t despair… It’s difficult to find the enthusiasm and motivation when life is feeling like this but it will get brighter. 


Focus instead on small steps to feel more positive:-

– Eat nutritious meals when you can to boost your energy levels.

– Make time to get outside and connect with nature, to boost mood.

 – Plan social meet ups for a cuppa at home and a chat, if money is tight,   or incorporate a catch up with a dog walk or getting out in the           countryside.

– Wrap up warm and nurture yourself – consider the art of hygge for  the winter months.

– Practice gratitude and start writing a journal as you go to bed, to build your skills.

– Talk to yourself kindly and focus on some positive affirmations.


Don’t try to achieve too much it is the winter after all and many creatures hunker down in the colder months and save their energy until the spring. Do what you have to but take it steady.

Don’t be too hard on yourself!


It’s more challenging to keep focused and upbeat when the reality of daily life seems relentless, but find the moments of peace…

In time consider possible plans for the summer so you have events or holiday time to look forward to…

Jo Copland-Dando is an Integrated Hypnotherapist and Coach with a background in Health. She works on many issues of well being from a purpose built, safe and confidential space. As a specialist is Anxiety,  she works with AnxietyUk to support clients.


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