Managing negative thoughts?

At times managing negative thoughts can be difficult to do.


Found yourself doing any of the above?

Any holiday period…with a change in routines, interacting closely with family members, maybe not as you would like and more time on your hands, to think, can amplify the thoughts running through your mind.

The dull and cold months of winter can be particularly challenging when the debts need to be paid and the hangover of social events may be on your mind.

Constant negativity can interfere with happiness, add to our stress levels and eventually damage our health!

So in reality how can I change this?

Acknowledgement and acceptance of negative thoughts is the way forward!

Once the negative thought is acknowledged, or even noted, it can be challenged.

There are many exercises that can be used, based on cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT.

Google to access resources – ‘get self help’.

AnxietyUk have many resources on their website – there is a fee to join -but with varied types of support available several may benefit you.

There are lots of quotes and suggestions on how to banish negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts on social media. Use one that resonates and inspires.

By not trying to stop these negative thoughts, worry and obsession can be reduced. Letting thoughts come and go, as they do…

It is all a bit of a circle so the more we can accept thoughts and move towards more positive affirmations the sooner our beliefs, feelings and actions become more positive in outlook too!


The more you practice acknowledging, accepting and challenging negative thoughts the sooner this can become your new way of being.

If your negative thoughts are making you feel overwhelmed – practice taking some deep breaths.

Controlled breathing can help reduce the stress response and calm anxious thoughts.

Practicing meditation or self hypnosis can boost your positive feelings or shift a state to a more positive one.

However if your thoughts are making you feel distressed  or are interfering with your work or social habits, seek help from a mental health professional.

Jo Copland-Dando is an Integrated Hypnotherapist and Coach with a background in Health. She works on many issues of well being from a purpose built, safe and confidential space. As a specialist is Anxiety,  she works with AnxietyUk to support clients.

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