Positive psychology & wellbeing


There is a growing recognition of the impact our thoughts have on our sense of well being.

The mind body connection!

How we think, feel and behave affects how our body functions.

If you are caught in a negative pattern of thinking, over time this will impact on your physical well being. This is why positive thought is so important in improving our outcomes for good health.

Mental thoughts/mental health affects our physical health.

Fine when you are in a good, positive place – what if your not!!

The first step of changing how we perform is recognition that we could do something different.

It may not feel like it, but our actions are our choices!?

Changing thoughts, feelings and actions can be very difficult to do, but by having a vision of how things could be different, is the start of the process.

Then repetitive positive thoughts and action creates new habits!


to take small steps towards this new way of being is essential.

In my work as an Integrated therapist I help clients to identify their new intention and set goals using NLP, Psycho therapeutic coaching and often Hypnotherapy. This accesses the sub conscious where changes can be made more effectively.

Exploration of your thinking patterns to challenge beliefs, and skills to support practise are key. Through visualisation of new approaches this enables you to feel it and make it real.

The more we think positive thoughts, and practice thinking positively, the more this becomes your new way of being.

The power of the mind is amazing, use it to your full advantage.



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