Sunshine following illness…

Jo April 17 1503Been a bit of a low energy time these past weeks. A virus that hung around and affected all the household, laid us low for at least a month. A bit grim and influenced certainly my energy levels and gave a tendency to low mood.

In the winter months a sense of isolation can quickly be upon you when you’re unable to get out and about and the weather is less than inspiring.

Time to sit and watch the tv programmes you never get round to, listen to soothing or boosting music and complete some gentle tasks – hemming new curtains in my case! – are the opportunities to go with, as you need, so you can rest and recover.

It took time… but

So glad to be feeling brighter and more positive!!

This period made me aware of how important connection with family and friends is at these times. A listening ear, a few kind words when life feels tough go a long way to boost well being.

Try to connect with loved ones where you can!

It is invaluable to well being.

Just sharing the new optimism of spring makes you feel good. The sign of new growth, new life and brighter weather.

Now when the sun is out I listen to the birds singing as they build their nests. Feeding  them regularly so they thrive in the cooler months and look forward to planning outdoor activities for the sunny days.

Helps you feel gratitude.

After we hibernate for the winter it is good to reconnect with neighbours and friends when it hasn’t been so easy to connect. Plans for spring gatherings, plans for the garden and plans to just be outdoors,

Try to incorporate this into your days moving forward.

Look or get outside when you can, on the sunnier days and focus on the nature all around you, to feel good!

A work in progress…


Jo Copland-Dando is an Integrated Hypnotherapist and Coach with a background in Health. She works on many issues affecting well being. As a specialist in Anxiety,  she works with AnxietyUk to support clients. In a quiet space she supports clients from a purpose built, safe and confidential garden room, situated between Bath and Bristol.


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