Glimmers of spring

Hoping for some more days like this!

We’ve had a few sunny days, but then it goes cloudy with a chilly wind again. Its tempting not to venture far from your warm and hopefully cosy home.

To boost well being its always good to get outside.

Some reasons to get out and about:-

As a dog owner/befriender you can wrap up warmly and get out there, as they insist on this several times a day!!

Explore with children the parks, woodlands or public footpaths and observe the bursting buds of bushes, trees and plants or of new animal life. Help them to learn about the wonders of our nature and countryside.

The garden is always beckoning at this time of year so small jobs to clear, tidy and prepare for the bursting forth of plants and vegetables, during any clear spells, helps to boost positive feelings. Plan the garden of the summer!

With an improving picture, planning to meet friends and family for gatherings out and about in new places or old haunts. Helps with reconnecting after the winter hibernation.

Lighter nights,with the clocks going forward this weekend, ensures more daylight and opportunities to attend all kinds of social events. Consider taking up an activity in the evening of these lighter nights. Get out on your bike, join a club or like me find a running buddy? Keeping active to improve your health.

Community events are planned in parks, villages, halls and the countryside which engage people with all kinds of skills and entertainment.This brings a sense of hope and interest as opportunities to connect in many different ways, socialise and have fun are apparent.

Volunteering time and skills to benefit your local community gives the individual a sense of  well being too. Volunteers may work in buildings to offer services for individuals or organisations, but it can be outdoors too. A sense of contribution and involvement are the powerful positive feelings this type of commitment brings.

So it all looks good!

Certainly it is an improving picture.

All activity and connecting with nature is good for our body and minds, so it is great to be able to plan more of both of these into the coming weeks.

So get planning and hope you enjoy the sunny, warmer moments this weekend.


Jo Copland-Dando is an Integrated Hypnotherapist and Coach with a background in Health. She works on many issues affecting well being. As a specialist in Anxiety,  she works with AnxietyUk to support clients. In a quiet space she supports clients from a purpose built, safe and confidential garden room, situated between Bath and Bristol.

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