Looking forward…

This post I wrote last year and I find myself further along the road of self discovery, with greater positivity and more focused. Onwards!!

It feels easier to be looking forward…

The targets to achieve have had to be found within myself, which has been tough!

Now that the worst of the dark days of winter are over, the weather is giving glimmers of brighter weather, moving forward is on the agenda.

I’m not alone in these feelings of finding it hard, am I?

Working for myself, has been a huge change in my way of life, and at times quite a lonely place. Never worse than in the dreary Uk winter!

No distractions of a team, but none of the pressures either, which has been liberating, but also difficult at times.

Some self reflection has been necessary to move forward.

I recognise this is part of my journey and time has given me space to look at:-

  • who I am emotionally

  • where my strengths lie

  • whom I like connecting to

  • what I find challenging

  • what I need to improve on

  • where I am in my life and what next

  • what opportunities are available to me

This will make me stronger in the long run and more able to focus on where I am heading.

I need to be able to set my targets to continue to be successful and build my practice!

I have tried to embrace these steps for happiness but not always found it easy putting them into practice.


The first one is particularly relevant, with too much analysing becoming distracting, but may be necessary at my stage of working for myself?

Some exploring has had to be done to gain self acceptance, be able to love more and appreciate more. 

This process may be tough but is beneficial for your skills and experience when working with clients, to understand their blocks and challenges.

Personally I am now more connected with how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to work for myself and build a business.

I am able to feel proud of my achievements to date.

I am engaged with what I can offer others, in order to support clients to make changes.

The outcome is I am planning future services which will help and support people to improve their well being.      So all round benefits.

This is an ongoing journey but acceptance has enabled me to move forward from where I was in my life and feel more focused.








Working from home with no structure, few social interactions, and erratic focus can take heaps of motivation to make stuff happen.

Where does your motivation come from?

If like me you have been motivated to learn new things and expand your mind to new ways of working, but have always had a job which has driven you towards targets, then most of your motivation has been external.

To work successfully and productively by yourself takes internal discipline, planning and steady focus, to get your plans into action.

No work = no earnings

I found this straight forward in the early months but struggled with dips in motivation as time progressed. It takes your ongoing mental focus and commitment! OMG!!! Tricky at times.

How to get the project off the ground!!

Consider your existing network – who can you link in with to discuss ideas, insights, and make opportunities?

Broaden your links with the local community – business network, volunteer locally and make new connections. Can you offer services to others?

 Seek support – from professionals supporting businesses, discuss issues with ex colleagues, family and friends, people already in your new field. Be open to different ideas and ways of developing.

Identify some mentors – people you admire, who have some of the qualities you may need to develop. One person may display several attributes which may motivate you to expand different skills.

Be approachable  – discuss your business and what you can offer at every social contact. People are always interested in new services and how it could support their family and friends.

Be brave – use business cards, flyers, social media and discussion with all your contacts at each opportunity, to raise your profile.

All of this takes time and patience.

In the meantime booster your motivation by booking in regular meetings over a cuppa or snack with a variety of contacts. Meet at a cafe, someones home or do an activity eg. go for a walk. Exercise is a great booster of wellbeing too.


Plan to get out for a short period each day to give some structure to the week.

Word of mouth and recommendations will soon start business flourishing  if you’re offering a great service.

What’s Holding You Back?

This is so true – take heed.

Trust your gut instinct, think positive, make changes and go for it!

“Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams” Many times when we’re going after our dreams and aspirations it always seems like there’s something holding us back. Rather its monetary issues, family, naysayers etc. When we are on the road to greatness usually we run across some type of setback. That can sometimes derail […]

via What’s Holding You Back? — Jay Colby

Uni visits

It’s pouring rain and we are wandering around the Uni buildings –

reception, sign in & general info, drink to acclimatise and funding!!

the student union, lecture theatre, accommodation & library.

3 hours later & all done?

Inspiration and a direction/focus identified?!?  


A troubling, anxiety ridden time for lack lustre teenager & parent/s.                                    

Your teenager is growing up rapidly and looking for their direction in life, wanting independance but also at times lacking confidence and feeling unsure about all the decisions to be made.

As a parent it can be very tricky supporting and guiding during this period, without seeming to be over controlling and exasperated.

Mood and motivation are big challenges –

Anxiety and depression can be a common feature of this stage of life and accessing appropriate help can be tricky. Where can a teenager express their feelings without being judged?

Often some simple changes can be made to help them achieve their dreams?

Exploring  and finding some small steps to take, with a hypnotherapist, can start that process.

Looking at what strengths and skills the young adult has and accessing internal resources to build on what we as parents know they have within, can give them confidence to make more positive choices.

Some small changes can make a big shift, change the trajectory and find the right outcome.

Re-focusing, to notice the good things in our lives – boosts our mood.

imageIt is often more challenging to feel happy:-

as the nights draw in and the days become shorter

the days become dull and misty

the cold season rapidly approaches

But don’t dispair!!

A few minutes each day, to reaffirm what is good in our lives, can prevent this becoming a challenge.

Try these simple exercises to refocus your attention and boost your mood!

via 5 Science-Backed Strategies for More Happiness – Mindful

Stepping out of the safety zone….

6 weeks ago I left my career of 27 years!!

Mad you may say from several aspects and certainly the security of a regular pay cheque has already been noticed, but…….I was ready for a change of direction and new challenges.

Life is too short for sticking with something that no longer excites you or causes you discontent.

The world of work has changed and the single career strand is no more, for the young, and increasingly so for the more mature.

So why not try some new activities, share your expertise in different aspects of life, meet new people and enhance your plethora of skills.

Onwards & upwards!

I believe this may not be for the faint hearted but….. I have actually found it totally liberating to date. No more meaningless targets and hoops to jump through, I am going to set my own targets!

My first challenge was to raise money for the NSPCC by tandem skydiving from 10,000 feet. I have done it!!


I plan to fly on from this moment in my life…..hence the name Healthfly!!!!

Hypnotherapy brings great benefits to peoples functioning and wellbeing. By accessing your subconscious, bringing new awareness to issues which in turn adjusts your attitudes  bringing change. This creates new behaviours and an improved sense of empowerment.

So if you wish to make improvements in your life and learn skills and techniques which bring improved wellbeing, then contact me. We can work on this together!

Celebrating friendships 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

Do you have those friendships where you haven’t spoken or met for possibly weeks? You know… maybe you shared time as new parents, at college, or a particular work place together?

Challenging and emotional experiences make these friendships intense and special. How people get to know each other and bond over particular times, creates powerful connections. Nurturing these friendships and spending time, if only occasionally, can remind you of who you are and can be immensely supportive.

Ensuring you make time for these friendships by planning meet ups and social events is important. It helps to reinvigorate you and give you energy to move forward in the more difficult times of life. Connecting has the additional benefit of creating experiences and memories, which research suggests is not only bonding for the group members but boosts well being and happiness.

I  am lucky enough to have built a variety of different friendship groups and link up in different ways. The more fun ways the better and here are some examples:-

meet up for a coffee and chat at home or in a local cafe

light lunch at a local farm shop

a few drinks in town

bubble at a local spa

a walk together in the countryside, along a canal or riverbank, or up a hill

a visit to the seaside

a music concert or show together

Having these gatherings in the diary helps to focus you for working through what you need to for life to tick over. They don’t always have to cost much, in fact I find embracing nature is less costly and one of the most calming.

Just need to get the plans in the diary now!…..









Connecting in a fun positive way helps motivate you and keep you keep connected to your life journey.



Help to be the best you!

Welcome to Resolve4you!

Hi my name is Jo Copland-Dando, an Integrated Hypnotherapist using NLP, CBT, psycho therapeutic and coaching skills to explore your concerns and empower you to make changes to improve your well being.

With a background in Nursing, Midwifery and Health visiting, teaching and facilitating groups, I have a wealth of experience in working with clients and helping them to address the health and well-being issues which are causing them challenge.

Are you wanting to change an unwanted habit eg. overthinking or your eating pattern?

Do you have pain or a phobia which is restricting what you can do and what you can access each week?

Or do you find it difficult to manage negative thoughts about something, or feel anxious about a situation, which is limiting what you want to achieve in life?

In a safe and confidential environment we can explore how to help you generally feel more positive, skilled and build resources to perform better in a particular situation.

Struggling with a life transition? New parenthood, children settling at school, teenagers, relationship breakdown, empty nest, ill health or wishing to find a new directions? Lots of challenges throughout life when support to adapt to new circumstances is welcome.

Please look at my profile on the Hypnotherapy Directory and contact me, to set you on a new journey!

Before we meet we can speak on the phone or by email to discuss any concerns or queries you may have about hypnotherapy and how our sessions can support you. This conversation introduces you to how I work and explores what you want to achieve from our sessions. This is a free initial consultation, so use it to ask what you need.

On meeting we explore the challenging aspect you wish to change, visualise what you are moving towards, then identify and build the resources which will enable this to happen. I use a variety of NLP techniques to establish a path towards the desired outcome.

This involves your commitment. Empowers you to take steps, to climb that mountain, and be the best you can be!

Using hypnosis, is a fantastic way of enabling this change to happen quickly but this may be something you need to work towards, so we can make changes at a pace suitable for you.

Hypnosis is a trance like state we enter into several times each day. In accessing this state we can work more effectively on an aspect of health. Being more receptive, in a relaxed state,  helps you to access your subconscious mind and recognise thoughts and feelings around an issue. This insight encourages exploration and enhances your resourcefulness, giving you the skills to make changes.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are tools to manage your mind and free your future.

What I can offer?

Initially we can discuss what you wish to make changes to. This can be done by telephone or email and can take a little time to unpick. I can explore what you wish to work on, discuss the options and make a plan to address your concerns. This consultation is free and necessary for both of us to establish how we can work together.

My particular interests are:-

Anxiety, confidence, phobias, pain management, weight loss, stop smoking, presentation skills, stress management, performance and sleep.

I specialise in weight management, particularly weight loss and can offer a Virtual gastric band. Also eating disorders, habits, pain control, stress management, exam nerves and confidence in relationships.

I can work with adults, teenagers and children.