One small change…

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We all have habits we may wish to change…

or have an issue which is challenging our life and threatening us from feeling our best!

To function in the best way we can and get the most out of our life we all need to constantly review…

There is always room for improvement!!


However this can be tricky and takes time and effort.

Here are simple steps which enable change to occur:-

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Fitter with hypnosis – especially weight loss.

Everyone knows what they need to do to have a healthy lifestyle!?

Finding the willpower, determination and the ongoing consistency to sustain these habits is more tricky!

We all struggle with:-

  • Eating too much at each meal or snacks

  • Finding the motivation to exercise

  • Eating healthily, but constantly craving sweets


People are turning to hypnosis…

so how does it work?

Hypnosis is not mind control like you imagine from tv shows or stage performers. It is more like a guided meditation.

Firstly you enter a relaxed state which helps you to connect with your subconscious, and suggestions can be made, which promote changes in your behaviour. Your motivation can be enhanced by repeating positive affirmations.

These steps can be made through self hypnosis but take some knowledge and practice. A  Hypnotherapists skill guides you through these steps, but essentially they have also explored with you beforehand your motivations and challenges.

This enables you to access the resources of your mind in a way unique to you!

Choosing a Hypnotherapist whom you connect with and trust is important. Recommendations are always worth exploring.

If you can begin to make changes which improve your well being this can affect many parts of your life over time…

Investing some time on “you” may seem costly now but it is not only for today, to improve your habits, but for your future.

A new start?

Thinking of making some changes in 2017?

Weight loss

Managing negative feelings, or anxiety if overwhelming

Food addiction



Often we need more insight and tools to make small changes, which are sustainable. This can then make a big difference over the long term. 

Thought of hypnotherapy as supporting you to make that change?

If you find a therapist you can connect with, then the experience can be not unpleasant!

Look to your future and make the changes from today.

Exercise for wellbeing


Just returned from an exercise class on a wet winters am. Not what I wanted to do on this dark morning but what my mind and body needed me to to!

Feeling brighter than before I went out….

Exercise is great for:-

  • getting the heart beating faster and stronger, maintaining and building essential muscles
  • increasing the circulation:-

by feeding the extremities, sending oxgen and nutrients to the cells of the limbs, fingers and toes

to the internal organs and maintianing the metabolism and cell processes

giving a boost to brain functionning, enhancing concentration and thinking skills

  • stretching the muscles

maintaining function and range of movement in limbs and core muscles

building strength and functionality

  • improving balance
  • an increased a sense of wellbeing by giving your body the activity it needs to practice skills and maintain necessary processes
  • mood enhancement by doing activity of all types, but especially exercise,  is increasingly being recognised as a big benefit.

If you don’t use parts of your body they will not function well!

We need the blood to be flowing, the muscles to be worked out and the brain stimulated for us to sustain a feeling of vitality. This promotes a good sense of well-being.

How can we expect our bodies to do what they were built for if we do not use them properly?

To get into better habits, to enable a sense of well-being to be the normal feeling, we need to develop more active ways of living.

How do I incorporate this into my busy working life?

You make ‘yourself’ a priority and look at how your habits are impacting on your well-being.

It could be incorporating more exercise, or it may be aspects of our diet which need looking at, or parts of our lives we forget to manage like stress levels or sleep. We can all get carried away in the business of everyday life.

Over time all these areas can have an impact on how you feel and function.

Make changes today!

To make changes, work with a Hypnotherapist, who can explore with you to identify what you most need to work on. An action plan supported by hypnotherapy, to access your inner resources, will make changes effective.

By making the time and space to prioritise yourself you are giving yourself and your family the biggest gift.

You are worth it!

Eliminate binge eating by saying no to diets – Hypnotherapy Directory

w704How do you ‘treat’ yourself?  (There are several ways of reading this sentence.)

Do you regard your own functioning and wellbeing highly?

Ditch the diets and choose a healthier eating pattern…..

via Eliminate binge eating by saying no to diets – Hypnotherapy Directory